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Learn how companies are using Copper CRM to enhance their customer onboarding experience to get more reviews, referrals, & revenue.

3 ways to use Copper CRM to get more reviews, referrals, and revenue
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Great customer service starts with great business processes.

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Use our tool to send timely communication.

For those who deeply know their processes and want to take their customer service to the next level.

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Others who love customer service

Core Essentials
Zuber Vindhani (White Stratus) Headshot
Zuber Vindhani
White Stratus
“We use this for an agency client of ours who wanted to keep their customers in the loop at every stage of their project. Timely communication separates the good from the great and the Efficient App team set up a process that allowed them to communicate on time with every client.
Complete Package
David Laderberg (Smart Charge America) Headshot
David Laderberg
Smart Charge America
(Electric Vehicle)
“Alex and team came in and did an amazing job at identifying our issues and asking the right questions to determine the best course of action based on my business. Everything is now running perfectly! They came up with solutions that fixed our issues and allowed us new functionality. I highly recommend Efficient App!”
Premier Partner
Brian Marek (Northtowns Remodeling Corp.) Headshot
Brian Marek
Northtowns Remodeling
Customers service is #1 for us. Our business of 25 years has always been primarily referral-based, and we pride ourselves on this, but we hit a glass ceiling. The team helped us create business processes to help us continue to grow while upholding our small business values. Our business has grown by 30% as a result, plus we are getting more public reviews & referrals than ever before.”
3 ways to use Copper CRM to get more reviews, referrals, and revenue

3 ways to use Copper CRM to get more reviews & referrals

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