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Alex Bass
Hi there! I'm “The Efficient Guy”
“I’ve been helping businesses with their processes & automation for over a decade. I’ve spent thousands of hours building and integrating software, in-fact, I've even consulted with many of the companies you see listed on our site, helping them build out parts of their API to better suit their customer's needs (their customers are our customers).

I’ve seen automation save companies many hours a month — I’m talking up to 500 man-hours per-month, all while improving the team's efficiency and happiness as a by-product (I don’t care what anyone says, manual admin just plain sucks).

I'm always researching and evaluating new software (just ask my co-founder and wife — Andra, AKA: the first one testing out whatever apps make it through the first cut). My philosophy has always been about using the best tool for the job (not the all-in-one tools that are great at doing many things poorly). It’s about finding well-built and thoughtful tools that are enjoyable to use (first and foremost). Software that was made with the end-user in mind (a great UI/UX), and an exceptionally talented team building them (no, really — I get super close to their product/engineering teams, I see this first-hand).

Outside of automation, I invest in startups and write about them on my blog (I've even invested in a few of the tools that we recommend on the site — this happened after personally using and recommending them to our customers for years).”
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Alex Bass
Founder & Head of Product
Efficient App
Alex Bass
Andra Vomir
Hi there! I'm “The Efficient Girl”
“We build software integration here — but what’s the reason I do what I do?

It comes down to the human element for me.

I remember the first time I helped a sales team get onboarded to a CRM and watched their productivity excel. They were making on average 4 sales calls per hour, as it would take 15 minutes to check all the different pieces of software for context prior to making a call — Google sheets for their contact details and notes of the last time they spoke plus their email and internal Slack messages for further context. On the first day after their CRM training session, the average number of sales calls went up to 11 per hour per rep. 🤯

Not only that but the team’s mind was more clear to focus. They didn’t feel like they were constantly missing something.

While all this may seem like common sense, Zapier's 2021 State of Business Automation Report found that 44% of SMB employees say that they're not highly efficient or productive in their day-to-day work, and 94% say they perform repetitive, time-consuming tasks in their role. So we've got work to do!

If you’re looking for well-oiled business processes, to improve your team’s organization and efficacy, then you’ve come to the right place. We  we'd love to help.”
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Andra Vomir
Co-Founder & Business Process Specialist
Efficient App
Andra Vomir
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Alex Bass

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