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to send timely communication.

Starting At $500/mo

For those who deeply know their processes and want to send timely emails to internal team members and external customers. Keep everyone in the loop without even logging into Copper!


Ways to use it

Make Copper an Efficient App

Automate your sales processes

Forgetting to follow-up after sending out a proposal? Or manually emailing customers prior to their renewals? Never worry about sending another "upcoming renewal" email again and ensure that they received your message with email open and link click tracking.

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Ongoing Strategy Check-Ins
Status Updates

Notify team members when sales/project statuses change

Manually emailing someone on your team to let them know that a potential customers needs a proposal? Keep things moving forward by automatically alerting team members and contractors when you need them for a stage in the process. Never again worry about sending a manual status update!

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Discovery Session

Automate your onboarding process

Need to have a regular check-in with your customers? Automatically send emails with delay and auto-move so that you never forget! Watch your customers move through your onboarding process with ease, all without lifting a finger.

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Companies who have made
Copper an Efficient App

Zuber Vindhani (White Stratus) Headshot
Zuber Vindhani
White Stratus
“The Efficient App setup was easy! As promised all we had to do was copy and paste in our messaging. It's great if you don't want to waste time setting up tech or manually sending emails. I think it's a must have for any Copper user!
Status Updates
Mike Reid (Dent Global) Headshot
Mike Reid
Dent Global
(Online Education)
“Using Efficient App has saved me dozens of hours. I like to check in with my students every few weeks to see how they’re doing. This used to be a time consuming manual process which I now don’t even need to think about. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
Brian Marek (Northtowns Remodeling Corp.) Headshot
Brian Marek
Northtowns Remodeling
“We were constantly forgetting to ask customers for reviews before using Efficient App. Now, customers are sent personalized messages throughout their entire onboarding and project management process, leading to happier and more engaged customers. As a result, we have had more referrals and a 40% boost in customer reviews across Google and Facebook.”

Why automate your pipeline?

Copper CRM Icon

Make your pipeline work for you

Move your Opportunity to a new stage in your pipeline and your templated email will be automatically sent.
Discovery Session

Open & Click Tracking

Available within the "Complete Package" tier
See when emails you have sent have been opened and if links in your email have been clicked.
Ongoing Strategy Check-Ins

Save Time

Say goodbye to forgetting to follow-up. Set how many days you'd like each contact to stay in each stage and automatically let them progress through your pipeline.
Make Copper an Efficient App

Ideal for warm prospects

Not recommended for cold outreach as it can result in blacklisting. Our tool is best for warm leads that are expecting to hear from you.

Build Trust

Sends straight from your inbox, making it look like you personally took the time to follow-up. Show up in the "Important" tab unlike other mass sending solutions.

Quick Set-Up

You write your email templates, we'll take care of the rest. Within less than 48 hours, your pipeline will be automated and ready go!
Efficient Founders

Meet The Founders

Alex Bass
Hi there! I'm “The Efficient Guy”
“I’ve been helping businesses with their processes & automation for over a decade. I’ve spent thousands of hours building and integrating software, in-fact, I've even consulted with many of the companies you see listed on our site, helping them build out parts of their API to better suit their customer's needs (their customers are our customers).

I’ve seen automation save companies many hours a month — I’m talking up to 500 human-hours per-month, all while improving the team's efficiency and happiness as a by-product (I don’t care what anyone says, manual admin just plain sucks).

I'm always researching and evaluating new software (just ask my co-founder and wife — Andra, AKA: the first one testing out whatever apps make it through the first cut). My philosophy has always been about using the best tool for the job (not the all-in-one tools that are great at doing many things poorly). It’s about finding well-built and thoughtful tools that are enjoyable to use (first and foremost). Software that was made with the end-user in mind (a great UI/UX), and an exceptionally talented team building them (no, really — I get super close to their product/engineering teams, I see this first-hand).

Outside of automation, I invest in startups and write about them on my blog (I've even invested in a few of the tools that we recommend on the site — this happened after personally using and recommending them to our customers for years).”
Say Hi 👋
Alex Bass
Founder & Head of Product
Efficient App
Alex Bass
Andra Vomir
Hi there! I'm “The Efficient Girl”
“We build software integration here — but what’s the reason I do what I do?

It comes down to the human element for me.

I remember the first time I helped a sales team get onboarded to a CRM and watched their productivity excel. They were making on average 4 sales calls per hour, as it would take 15 minutes to check all the different pieces of software for context prior to making a call — Google sheets for their contact details and notes of the last time they spoke plus their email and internal Slack messages for further context. On the first day after their CRM training session, the average number of sales calls went up to 11 per hour per rep. 🤯

Not only that but the team’s mind was more clear to focus. They didn’t feel like they were constantly missing something.

While all this may seem like common sense, Zapier's 2021 State of Business Automation Report found that 44% of SMB employees say that they're not highly efficient or productive in their day-to-day work, and 94% say they perform repetitive, time-consuming tasks in their role. So we've got work to do!

If you’re looking for well-oiled business processes, to improve your team’s organization and efficacy, then you’ve come to the right place. We'd love to help.”
Say Hi 👋
Andra Vomir
Co-Founder & Business Process Specialist
Efficient App
Andra Vomir
Our Process (What's Included)

How it works




Make Copper an Efficient App

Make Copper An
Efficient App


Schedule &


Process Review (Pre-Purchase)

We start with a 15 minute process review call to learn more about how you'd like to use Efficient Communication and to see if it'll work for your unique processes.

Credential Share

Once purchase, securely send us your credentials and let us know which pipeline(s) you'd like to automate (2 quick forms).

Efficient App

Once you've been using your processes consistently, we implement our communication tool, Efficient App. It allows you to automatically communicate status updates internally with team members and externally with clients, reducing more manual work for your team.

Schedule & Send

You'll receive an invite to your Efficient App interface. All you need to do is copy and paste your email copy.

Ready to get started?

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Efficient App work?

How should my opportunity pipeline be set up to get the most out of efficient.app?

So long as you are using general opportunity pipeline best practices, you should be good to use efficient.app, no modification required!

Can I use this tool for cold outreach?

We don't recommend it as it can result in your email being blacklisted. We recommend using our tool for warm communication touch-points for improving your customer experience. We wrote a blog post here explaining the difference between Efficient App and traditional email sending software.

Why use Efficient App over Zapier or Integromat?

Zapier/Integromat are great platforms if you want to build out your own automations from scratch. We have invested hundreds of hours and tens of thousands into building the logic/foundation behind Efficient App. With that, Efficient App is best for business owners who want built-in and ready to use solutions, and don’t want to waste time with technical setup.

Why did you create Efficient Communication?

We've been building custom Copper integrations for companies for nearly a decade. We initially built this as a custom automation for one of our customers, and found that others could also use it to give their customers a better experience. After getting this request so often, we decided to turn it into one of our core offerings.

Ready to get started?

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