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Copper is a powerful CRM and their Gmail integration is unmatched.
There is no better option on the market for the price, but 90% of Copper users aren’t maximizing its potential to systematize and organize at scale.

That’s why we built:

Complete Package
Who It's For

The Complete Package
is for you if...

You're the CEO or Sales Manager and have taken on the task to set up Copper and you want to do it the right way from the start
OR You've been using Copper CRM for some time, but feel like you haven't been getting the most out of it
You'd rather not waste time trying to apply general CRM advice from help articles and prefer personalized guidance
There is someone on your team that can be "in charge" of keeping others accountable in using your newly learned Copper processes
Our Proven Process

What you get

Our most requested package
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Video Call Session

Focus Session

Make Copper an Efficient App

CRM Setup

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Coaching Session


What is it? 🚀

Done-for-you Copper CRM implementation for your team in just 6 weeks.

Prep 🍳

We'll send you a pre-call questionnaire to help you team prep for our time together.

Focus Session 👀

On a call along with your team, we'll ask you a series of questions to understand your existing business processes.

CRM Setup 🏋🏼

We create your Copper environment according to 6+ years of best practices, processes and systems made for growth.

Coaching Session🏃🏼

We'll provide a digital booklet with video recordings teaching your team how to use your new Copper environment. We'll also do a follow-up coaching session to go through any questions.
Bonus Offer

Automation Audit 🤖

Once your team is up-and-running, we'll evaluate and recommend any potential automations you can leverage with Copper and your additional software stack to save time. (building automation will be quoted and priced separately)

After the Complete Package,
you'll have:

Copper CRM environment set-up for your business with proven processes & systems
A single point of truth for all your prospective clients, customers, vendors, and partners
Clarity & Organization on your internal processes that will help you scale

Don't just take our word for it!

Complete Package
“Within the first week of launching our new Copper processes, we received a request for a new project and that alone could easily pay for our entire investment with you!”
“We are so happy to have our CRM up and running, this is great! Just signing into Copper and seeing everything there is exactly what we were hoping to do!

Within the first week of launching our new Copper processes [that you’ve helped us build], we received a request for a new project and that alone could easily pay for our entire investment with you!

Your assessment process and overall communication was fantastic, with a perfect blend of email, recorded videos, and live online meetings. Thank you for everything!”
Warren Hardy
Sr. Account Manager
PMR (Manufacturer)
Complete Package
“Efficient App has made a huge impact on the way I look at my business operations and scaling!”
“Before Efficient App, we weren't using a proper CRM, so following up with potential customers was a difficult and messy process.

The team helped us map our sales, onboarding, and project management processes to Copper, making it the central hub of our business for the past 6+ years. We have no idea how we functioned before having Copper!

Since then, they've recommended and have helped us implement Outfunnel, PandaDoc, and Help Scout, along with custom integrations and automation for our specific business processes. Their pragmatic software integrations are really helpful and are making a huge impact on the way I look at my business operations and scaling.
Brian Marek
Founder & CEO
Northtowns Remodeling (Home Services)
Brian Marek (Northtowns Remodeling Corp.) Headshot
Complete Package
“Our biz-dev efforts are alot better as a result”
“The first time I set up Copper for a creative agency, I did it alone and pushed through with online tutorials and support forums. It was an okay outcome. The second time, I hired Efficient App to help me. It has been a GREAT outcome ever since. With their help we have improved our pipeline structures and how we manage leads/clients. Just this improvement alone has been worth it.

They also introduced us to Copper-integration tools that have helped us find and track leads. Our biz-dev efforts are a lot better as a result.

It's been nice having their support when I have questions or ideas to try. They are responsive and quick to roll up their sleeves to find solutions. We haven't fully utilized the magic of their marketing/communication automation service yet, but that is our likely next step. Looking forward to it.”
James Keblas
Head of Business Development
All Is Well (Motion Pictures & Film)
Complete Package
“Everything is now running perfectly!”
“Alex and team came in and did an amazing job at identifying our issues and asking the right questions to determine the best course of action based on my business. Everything is now running perfectly! They came up with solutions that fixed our issues and allowed us new functionality. I highly recommend Efficient App!”
David Laderberg
Vice President
SmartCharge America (Electric Vehicle)
David Laderberg (Smart Charge America) Headshot

What do you say?

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Alex Bass, Copper CRM Consultant And Process + Automation Specialist Headshot (Copper Partner)

Hi there! I'm Alex.

I’ve been helping businesses with their processes & automation for 10 years. I used to work with every software imaginable, but after using Copper for over 6 years and learning the ins-and-outs of the product, I have grown to love it. So much in-fact that over the past 5 years I niched down my business to only support other Copper lovers to get the most out of their CRM.

I even ran my business out of the Copper HQ in San Francisco for 3 months (just before COVID hit), working alongside their customer success team to intimately learn the needs of their customers.

Whether you’re looking to just make Copper a more effective communication tool, or you want help processizing and automating your entire business, my team and I are here to help.

The industries we've worked most with are SaaS, Consultants, Construction, Marketing Agencies, and Online Education businesses, among others.

Alex Bass, Copper CRM Consultant And Process + Automation Specialist Headshot
Alex Bass
Founder, Efficient App & CyberBytes
Question And Answer Icon

Why hire a Copper CRM Consultant?

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Shouldn't Copper be easy to set up?

Most business owners think that setting up a CRM should be quick and easy. It's often looked at as a task that "can be done overnight". The result? CEOs and Sales Managers end up sinking hours into trying to figure out the best way to make their CRM work for their business. Secret: It's never an overnight job!

Can't I do this on my own?

Corporate companies have always leaned on software consultants to help them set up the right software solutions for their business. We're offering the same service for start-ups and SMBs, all at a lower cost, so you can set up your CRM to match your business processes and focus on scaling.

What's my role?

If you're the CEO, a Sales Manager, or a Growth Director, your time is better spent on growing the business, not learning how to get the most out of your CRM.

What other businesses are like this?

Just like you would have a lawyer on retainer to ensure that you don't make mistakes along the way, we're your CRM and automation partners to do the same. Only difference is that we can also help you save dozens of hours along the way by leveraging automation across your entire business.

Ready to get started?

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Ready to start automating instead?

Here's what you can expect!

Premier Partner
“Efficient App implemented automation solutions better than we expected!”
“Efficient App has saved us hours of time and frustration by building automations that have allowed key information to flow between our different systems. We were initially hesitant to hire an automation expert, unsure if what we were looking to accomplish was feasible and potentially too complicated to understand.

Our hesitations quickly disappeared as Alex immediately grasped the project and implemented automation solutions better than we expected.

The team is knowledgeable, responsive, friendly, and went above and beyond by providing additional ideas of how we could improve our workflows to achieve our goals. We've learned an entirely new way to optimize our current systems and are grateful to have found Efficient App!
Amber Moore
Instructor Operations
MasterClass (Online Education)
MasterClass - Amber Moore
Premier Partner
“Efficient App can automate, simplify, or integrate any of your processes!”
“Alex and the team have been so helpful - they are extremely knowledgeable about tons of integrations and provided a lot of insight for us on how to approach the problems we were having. I highly recommend using them if you are looking to automate, simplify, or integrate any of your processes!
Chelsea De La Grana
Director of People & Compliance
Codesmith (Online Education)
Chelsea De La Grana from Codesmith Headshot
“I've had a great experience working with Efficient App. They helped my team automate our invoicing process using QuickBooks Online. Not only did they help us build it out using our first CRM, but when we decided to switch CRMs, they helped us transfer the data to the new one, and made sure that we didn't lose any data in the process. Alex has gone above and beyond to help our team, and is always quick to respond to questions. I would highly recommend their team!
Anika Ahuja
Admissions Manager
Codesmith (Online Education)
Anika Ahuja Codesmith Headshot
Premier Partner
“We've increased our close rate from 40% to nearly 50%!”
“Every recommendation the team made we have implemented. The admin and superintendents are thrilled with Copper. The estimator/sales side has increased our close rate from 40% to nearly 50% with the implementation of PandaDoc. This alone has more than paid for their services. Ongoing support is quick, thorough and well documented. I am greatly encouraged I have found a long-term solution.”
Mike Ricker
Founder & CEO
Crash of Rhinos (Painting)
Mike Ricker (Crash of Rhinos Painting) Headshot
Premier Partner
“The team has unlocked possibilities and efficiencies we couldn't have dreamed were possible!”
“Efficient App has been transformative in our approach to business automation. The team has unlocked possibilities and efficiencies we couldn’t have dreamed were possible! Their expert understanding of the software ecosystem has lead to incredible partnership and strategy insights. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a team to help you take your business automation to the next level.”
James Nieves
Director of Product Marketing
Future PLC (Media Company)
James Nieves (Future Plc) Headshot
3 ways to use Copper CRM to get more reviews, referrals, and revenue

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